Aanjibimaadizing Small Business Development Program

To be eligible for small business services, an applicant must meet at minimum these eligibility criteria:

  • A signed and dated application
  • Proof of residency in the service area
  • Tribal Membership in the MLBO, be a MLBO 1st generation descendant, or a member of a federally recognized Tribe
  • Selective Service Registration for males over the age of 18
  • Employability Development Plan (EDP) that is signed and dated
  • Income at or below 200% of poverty level
  • Agree to complete a small business plan and training

A limited amount of funding will be available for small business development on the Reservation. The maximum amount to be awarded is $5000. The amount awarded is dependent on the business plan created. All applicants must demonstrate the capital or funds they are investing in the small business as well. Applicants must have a 25% match for the funds that they apply for.  Applicants for this program must complete a small business plan prior to receiving funds. Small business training will be available to qualifying clients. If a client has an existing small business, then they must have a business plan.

Small business will be defined using the Small Business Association (SBA) definition.

Clients must create an account with the SBA. The SBA can help predict the viability of an idea.

Money is awarded after completion of SB plan and demonstration of 25% match.

The plan should be reviewed by the client Case Manager, Training Coordinator and 1 other Aanjibimaadizing staff person.


Aanjibimaadizing’s Entrepreneurship and Business Group


A lot of us dream about starting a business. This group was started to help you fulfill your business ownership goals and achieve greater success.

It is for those that would like to learn more about entrepreneurship; those that have an idea, but aren’t sure how to get started; and those that have established a business and are looking for ideas to improve it.

Attending this group will help you:

  • Learn about entrepreneurship and the responsibilities of owning a business
  • Outline, organize, and achieve your goals
  • Determine how your business will operate
  • Compile a business plan to showcase how your business will operate, and grow
  • Analyze results and make strategic decisions

Endazhi-maawanji’idiing meets every Tuesday online from 10:00 am to 11:00 am online. There is no cost for this training for Aanjibimaadizing clients.

During this time we will talk about where you are at with your business, learn about the details of business ownership, answer any questions you have and work on the steps involved in developing a foundation for your business.

Link to join Zoom Meeting:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85965201006?pwd=R1lTaEd2aFBWM0w1Q1ZIVUt6TlhKUT09

Meeting ID: 859 6520 1006

Passcode: aanji

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Miigwech for your interest in helping our community grow!

Karen Pagnac



Major Benefits of Business Ownership

  • An opportunity to gain and be in control of one’s own destiny.
  • The chance to make a difference.
  • The personal journey to reach your full potential.
  • The opportunity to reap unlimited profits from your hard work.
  • Recognition for your efforts and contribution to society.
  • Lifestyle flexibility necessary to raise a family and meet other personal needs.
  • On average, the self-employed are wealthier than the non-self-employed. This implies the value or potential value of business ownership in economic mobility.