Aanjibimaadizing, which means “changing lives” in our Ojibwe language, is operated as a division of the Mille Lacs Band’s Department of Administration.

This program provides services to Tribal members seeking to establish self-sufficiency for themselves and their families in accordance with Public Law 102-477. All department services are offered to support obtaining and retaining employment, improving or creating a position of job readiness, and addressing employment barriers through the Mille Lacs Band 477 Program.

The goals of the program are centered on our mission statement:

To assist our fellow Anishinaabe with education, training, work experiences, cultural participation, and support services to be prosperous and change their life.

Aanjibimaadizing helps to empower participants with an acquired purpose or occupation that will contribute to the well-being of their community and family. Through this, we are able to offer services to a large percentage of our community and work closely with other organizations to help all ages embrace their culture and overcome barriers to sustainability. Our services support obtaining and retaining employment, improving or creating a position of job readiness, and addressing barriers that prevent our clients from leading their best life.

Aanjibimaadizing was formerly known as the Department of Labor. We are operated as a service organization under the Mille Lacs Band’s Department of Administration and have offices in the Urban area, District I, District II, and District III. The offices are open by appointment. Clients can also call or email. Aanjibimaadizing also has an informational Facebook page where resources and current events and trainings are posted.

About Public Law 102-477 (477) Programs

Public Law 102-477 is a critical law that provides for sovereignty and builds capacity in Indian Country by authorizing tribal governments to integrate eligible employment, training, and related service programs that support workforce development. It provides an opportunity for each tribe to develop employment and training services based on tribal goals and initiatives.


In 2022, Aanjibimaadizing received the Department of Interior Chief’s Award. The Chief’s Award is given annually to one of the seventy-two P.L.102-477 grantees in the nation.

Of these, Aanjibimaadizing was chosen as the program that best demonstrates excellence in service.

We encourage other tribal entities to pursue the development of their own 477 Programs. The opportunities awarded through Public Law 102-477 have benefited our community and region immensely – not only economically, but in an increase in overall wellness, education, family stability, and cultural connection as well. To learn more, download this PDF on Economic Development and Public Law 102-477 or contact the Office of Indian Services, Division of Workforce Development.

Informational Documents to Download

Digital Brochure

With brief list of Aanjibimaadizing services, eligibility requirements, and contact information.

Services Document

More detailed description of Aanjibimaadizing services, eligibility and contact information.

FY23 Highlights

Infograph of Aanjibimaadizing data from October 1, 2022 to September 30, 2023.